40 West


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   Sunday, October 16th, 7:30 pm

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40 West (US, 2011; 120 min.)
Director: Dana Packard

Through a series of events beyond her control, Maeve (Jennifer Nichole Porter) a Blues musician, finds herself trapped in a sordid East Texas motel room with her violent husband, Colin (Brian A. White), who, unbeknownst to her, has been released from prison early.  

Held hostage with her is Elijah (Scott Winters) a professed Good Samaritan and fan of Maeve’s, whose interest in her seems disproportionate to his claims.  Colin has tracked Maeve down and waylaid her in order to apologize for his past behavior with a special present he’s picked out just for her - a twisted surprise that opens a raw and anguished chapter of their shared history.  But Colin’s carefully laid plan is interrupted by an unexpected visit from his jailhouse girlfriend Arlene (Kathleen Kimball) and the imminent arrival of her jealous, homicidal husband Bud Sankey (Wayne Newton), whose sights are set on Colin.

40 WEST is an intense, violent, and often darkly funny exploration of power, guilt, revenge, and the cost of redemption.

Cast: Wayne Newton, Jennifer Nichole Porter, Scott Winters, Brain A. White, Kathleen Kimball


40 West




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