40 West


Documentary Presentation

   Saturday, October 15th, 3:00 pm 


WORLD PREMIERE                                                                                   


The Cost Of Creativity (US, 2011; 55 min.)

Director: Jon Biddle


Mania can be a storm of ideas. Depression can feel like a void. Bipolar disorder pushed filmmaker Jon Biddle to the extremes of both. In his documentary “The Cost of Creativity,” Jon delves into the video and photo archives of his own past, uncovering the portrait of a young artist, a struggling son, a manic boyfriend, and a true friend.


Accompanied by his best friend Huey, also recounting his own struggles with bipolar disorder, Jon sifts through old home videos and photographs. Together, Jon and Huey discover their paths through the darkness of bipolar disorder to restore balance to their lives. Along his journey through college and his professional life, Jon reunites with the people who supported him through his struggles – including his ex-girlfriend, his father and grandmother, his former housemates, and his psychologist.


Jon pans his camera across his first manic episode at Ithaca College, studying abroad, working in Hollywood until his second episode institutionalized him, and finally pursuing higher education in Washington, DC. From Austin to New Orleans, Jon and Huey find themselves, lose themselves, and find themselves again.


Part archival film, part road movie, part impressionistic experimental memoir, “The Cost of Creativity” blends music, images, words, and memories, forcing the filmmaker to look in the mirror and reconcile the inner demons of living with bipolar disorder. 



Showing with: JAYBIRD, US, 2011, 28 min. Director: Javier Vivas



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