Finding Focus


Finding Focus


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   Friday, October 5th, 8:55 pm

   Monday, October 8th, 1:00 pm



WORLD PREMIERE*                                                                                  

*of final edit


FINDING FOCUS (US, 2011; 81 min.)
Director: David Henri


Ryan, a mid-level fashion photographer who has crafted a comfortable career
shooting beautiful models, has ambitions for a more ambitious fine art
project, but fears no one will take him seriously.

Olivia is a last-minute substitute makeup artist on one of his shoots. At the
end of a long shooting day he tells her his art concept and she offers to help,
both as a model and as a makeup artist.


The two agree to partner on the project and soon develop a personal relationship

along with their professional work, which they document in ‘behind the scenes’ footage

as the creative process and their personal lives simultaneously evolve.

Cast: Carole Weyers, Chris Alvarado, Emma Docker


Finding Focus




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