Underground Hip Hop in China


Underground Hip Hop in China


Documentary Presentation


   Saturday, October 6th, 3:00 pm

   Wednesday, October 10th, 3:00 pm



WORLD PREMIERE                                                                                   


UNDERGROUND HIP HOP IN CHINA (China/US, 2012; 63 min.)
Director: Jimmy Wang


Weber is one of Mainland China’s first rappers. His uncanny musical talentsallowed him to spearhead the creation of Chinese rap music - a free form of creative self-expression that spread like wildfire amongst those strugglingthe most; young working class students and grassroots migrants left out of the country’s meteoric rise.


While Weber’s music electrifiesChina’s youth and gains a huge following, he is challenged by threats to his musical existence: state censors, and armies of state-backed pop stars seeking to claim hip-hop for their own gain.




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